Webshims – HTML5 For The Masses

I’ve been researching the available shimming libaries out there that provide old browsers with modern features.  The Webshims library does this in an efficient and unobtrusive way, always defering to the browser’s built in feature if it exists natively.  With 2 lines of code you tell it where to find its shim scripts and then toContinue reading “Webshims – HTML5 For The Masses”

Metaprogramming in Ruby and C#

First read this and understand metaprogramming in Ruby: http://www.devsource.com/c/a/Languages/An-Exercise-in-Metaprogramming-with-Ruby/ It seems that C# dynamic supports a similar scenario, but in a different way. C# dynamic objects are in fact not new Types created at runtime, but rather individual compiler-safe bags of key/value pairs that self expose the keys as properties. Thus C# dynamic objects areContinue reading “Metaprogramming in Ruby and C#”