Creating a “Supernatural” Self-Adapting REST Proxy in C#

.NET 4.0’s DynamicObject provides a quick and easy way to hook into and control how a call for a method is dispatched at runtime.  This so called “late dispatch” capability is exactly what we need to easily create dynamic facades over out-of-process APIs, such as those of remote REST services. In this post, I’ll showContinue reading “Creating a “Supernatural” Self-Adapting REST Proxy in C#”

Giving Your Data Some Higher Order Muscle With C#

Today a colleague and I were going through some code.  I have recently been trying to impart to him the power and beauty in the functional programing paradigm in C#.  Today, the opportunity to demonstrate it presented itself as I was showing him how to use extension methods to extend Entities and ValueObjects with aContinue reading “Giving Your Data Some Higher Order Muscle With C#”