Defining Log4j MDC Fields Declaratively With Spring

In this post, I’m going to show you how to extend the fields Log4j captures via MDC (Mapped Diagnostic Contexts). Specifically, we will add an additional field called “ApplicationId” that will identify the application that a given log entry came from. This is useful when you have many applications logging to a single persistence mechanism.Continue reading “Defining Log4j MDC Fields Declaratively With Spring”

Surfing the ReferencePipeline in Java 8

Java 8 includes new a Stream Processing API. At its core is the ReferencePipeline class which gives us a DSL for working with Streams in a functional style. You can get an instance of a ReferencePipeline flowing with a single expression. The MapReduce DSL has the essential set of list processing operations such as querying,Continue reading “Surfing the ReferencePipeline in Java 8”