Grokking JBoss Fuse Logs with Logstash

JBoss Fuse or more generally Apache ServiceMix ship with a default log4j layout ConversionPattern. In this article I will show you how to parse your $FUSE_HOME/data/log/fuse.log file, collect its log entries into Elasticsearch, and understand whats going on in the Kibana UI. First a few pieces of context. If you are not familiar with theContinue reading “Grokking JBoss Fuse Logs with Logstash”

Accepting Invalid SSL Certificates in .NET WCF Clients

There are times when SSL certificates are used to verify identity and to provide TLS and there are cases when only the wire encryption matters.  In the later case, I sometimes need to be able handle server certificates that are not valid by SSL’s standard rules.  This could be because the cert is not signedContinue reading “Accepting Invalid SSL Certificates in .NET WCF Clients”